brigitte P davis
  acrylic paintings
  black and white
  fabric art
  pastel paintings
  stone carvings
  Hot Dogs & Cool Cats
Sugus, my darling Doxy
Swiss Swan (on lake Geneva/Leman)
Want to play ball with me?
Blue mood
Black-eyed "Suzanne"
 Perigord peacock
Golden light
Where is my hubby?
Bluebird resting
Autumn light in hydrangea bloom
Autumn light in hydrangea bloom
Quacking joy
Mine mine mine!
The wave
I will find it I will find it I will I will I will I will
Autumn light in Hydrangea bloom
Spring is in the air
Cherry blossoms
Darling Tasha
Lake Champlain sunset
After the rain
My bleeding hearts.
Doxy dilemna
Light shaft over the ocean
Hatteras island - North Carolina
Hatteras Island dunes
Oh no, save me!
One small dog, one BIG ocean.
Surprise, sssssurprise!
After the rain
After the rain
Old barns in the snow
The rocks of Ploumanach - Brittany - France
Erquy lighthouse - Brittany - France
blue and white
Erquy harbor - Brittany - France
Wire doodle
Crossing the creek
Face a l'ocean
Brittany - France
Sugus, the proud
Perigord peacock
Les toits de Beynac
Perigord - France
French Coq
Along the Dordogne river
Tourterelles amoureuses
Washington monument
Chateau d'Yvoire
Shadow play
Silver and gold and red too
in the woods
in the woods
black and white and grey
weeds in the water
weeds in the water
almost spring
almost spring